Joyful Creations

Our home is our sacred place. It’s where we escape to rest, relax and recharge …or at least it’s supposed to be! My goal has always been to create a Daily Vacation Destination for my clients. I’ve dedicated the last 30 years of my life to designing people’s dream homes. Reality isn’t always a dream though. Life can be stressful, messy and oh so busy! I’ve learned that even if you’re surrounded by chaos, if you have that one thing to look at - to focus on - that gives you even a moments break, it can improve your life. Days seem brighter. Life seems easier. Smiles come more naturally.

For each painting I create I know there is someone out there whose life can improve with the peace, joy and energy that forms inside them each time they see it.

I let The Universe guide me when I paint. They are all created with love and joy and I hope they make this wonderful, yet hectic, busy, messy life at least a little easier and a little more joyful for you.

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