Life Balance

This one is tricky for sure and actually, the main reason I started The Best Health Now. I find that I spend far too much time working and nowhere near enough time LIVING. You know what I mean?!? So now, when I’m working too much and my life is out of balance, I hear the little voice inside my head saying “listen to your own advice” so THANK YOU for holding me accountable! I hope that you’ll sign up for our email newsletter so we can give you that caring little voice too saying “there’s more to life than work, have fun, enjoy living, and don’t forget to take care of your health”. Reading emails isn’t LIVING right! So I will quickly mention that our newsletters will be short, maximum once a week, and be worth your time to read. I get so frustrated when people send me so many emails! Who has time for that!? I want to send you great info that benefits your life, that you can read in less than 2 minutes.


“We don’t live to work, we work to LIVE!”


That’s one I remind myself of a lot.