Joyful Creations

One thing I know is important for quality of life and happiness is to be in a state of joy as much as possible. With all the busyness, obligations and overall stressors in life these days it’s challenging. One of the things that’s always brought me joy is looking at beautiful things. Aside from work, we typically spend most of our time at home and I feel it makes a huge difference when your home brings you joy.

I’ve always been drawn to painting, but always thought I needed to know how to draw and how to paint a bowl of fruit, which I never had a desire to do, but have always had these visions in my head I wanted to create. My best friend was telling me about a dream she had describing these buildings and I said, wow that sounds beautiful, why don’t you paint that? And she replied oh no, I don’t paint realistic things, I just paint abstract and something stuck with me. A few months later I saw acrylic pouring on Pinterest or YouTube and thought I could do that and tried it and my love of painting was unleashed! I am having so much fun, it brings me so much joy and I hope that each piece brings others joy too and because I know how important joy is for our health I’ve included that here.

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