x-Healthy Eating for Busy People

There are many things we can do to eat healthy even when life is super busy and I've had to learn a few for sure! I will be adding more to this section as regularly as I can so check back often for new ideas and recipes! For now, here's a very simple solution that helped me replace GMO cereal and granola bars and fast food...hey, I'm a work in progress ;) but I've come a long way and am excited to continually improve and share with you :)

Isagenix came into my life in March 2013 and that’s when I first experienced feeling really good! I thought I was feeling good, then I actually started feeling good and I was like wow, this is how I’m supposed to feel!? I thought I was doing good lol. It isn’t the easiest system to follow, but it sure is worth it to do every once in awhile, especially incredible what just 11 days on it does for your blood and if it’s doing that imagine what else it’s doing in your body, wow! Uforia is by far the easiest thing I’ve ever done to experience a big difference in my health, but there are definitely Isagenix products I love and use almost every day. They have some especially incredible ones with adaptogens, which are ingredients from around the world that help our body adapt to any stress it’s under, whether that’s mental, emotional, or physical. It’s really incredible the difference they make. 

Here are some of my favourites:

I have a shake for breakfast every day because it's fast, easy, and very affordable for 24 to 36g of high quality protein. And so important...they have trace minerals that we need to function properly, but they aren't in our food anymore. And there's also enzymes which help you absorb the nutrients!

These protein bars taste great and are super handy to keep in my purse and/or car for those times when errands take longer than I thought or I just don't have time to make something.

Ionix Supreme...my favourite product because it is like MAGIC for our bodies!! It's full of adaptogens and helps your body deal with any kind of stress: physical (recovery after injury or exercise), mental, emotional. And it is so affordable!! 

e+...my second favourite product...it is amazing!! it's also full of adaptogens and also has natural caffeine. Even with little sleep it makes me feel fully rested with incredible mental clarity, with no spikes or crashes like other caffeine sources create. Raspberry is my favourite flavour for sure!


Some other healthy snack ideas:

- Trail mix

- Veggies. Wash and cut a variety and divide them up into portions to enjoy over the next few days. Some people keep them in glass jars, but that's not the easiest to pack around and I'm doing my best not to use disposable plastic bags anymore so I'm looking into sustainable options...I'll be posting them on the site asap! :)

- Fruit