Beautiful Vibrations

Designing homes (creating the plans people build) is my main job, but I was spending way too much of my life in my office. I needed a hobby I could do outside of my office in the evenings and reading wasn’t a good fit because by then I need a brain-break. This brings me joy in the evenings while spending time with my husband.  I remembered when I used to make jewellery, I could tell my friends and family weren’t sure what to do with all the jewellery I was giving them, but I didn’t know what else to do with it. So, I decided I’d start up a side business and sell it at craft fairs. That also got me out of the house connecting with people which I missed so it was a great fit.

I’d just been learning about crystals and wasn’t really sure if they actually did anything for our health so I did some research. One girl explained it so well! Annie Tarasova explained that because everything is energy, and everything vibrates at a frequency and that one frequency can affect another, that when a crystal, with its own frequency comes near you it affects your frequency. That made so much sense to me so I researched further and found many resources, the one I trust most is Judy Hall.

I decided to create all my jewellery from Senger Creations with natural crystals and stones to not only look good, but also be beneficial to your health.

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